In my June post, The One Year Anniversary: The Aftermath of #AliceStorm, I surveyed the frequency of Section 101 rejections at the USPTO. My analysis was based on approximately 300,000 office action and notices of allowance received from Patent Advisor.

As a reminder, the Section 101 rejection rates from the June post at the level of the USPTO Technology Center (TC) are shown below.  The numbers here are the percentage of all events in the cohort (TC and time period) that had a Section 101 rejection.  An event is either an allowance or a rejection; other events such as restriction requirements, advisory actions, and so forth are not counted.   image from Since June, I’ve received a significant amount of new data from Patent Advisor.  The trends we saw before are continuing, with some interesting new developments.    Table 1 First, TC 3600, which includes the E-commerce work groups (3620, 3680,  3690) continues to have the highest rates of § 101 rejections.    Second, all of the TCs showed a significant increase in § 101 rejections in June. Tech Center 1700, which covers chemical and materials engineering saw an unexpected three-fold increase!  Rates dropped back down in July and August.  As explained before, TC 3600 covers both E-commerce and non-Ecommerce work groups and it is the former that contribute to the high rejection rates.  Similarly, the rejection rates in TC 1600 appear generally low, but this obscures higher than average rejection rates in biotechnology work groups.  If we filter for those work groups we find the following: Table 2   We can then drill down into the specific technologies in these respective work groups for their § 101 rejection rates: Table 3    To assess how these rejection rates impact prosecution outcomes in the E-commerce groups in particular, I reviewed the status of all applications in these work groups that had a significant prosecution event in the last seven months (March 17 to October 17).  Here is a complete breakdown of the status of these applications: TABLE 5 DETAILED STATUS Of interest are the 3,633 applications abandoned for failure to respond to an office action.   Also interesting is the filing of the 506 appeals during this period.  This is a harbinger of things to come.   I also aggregated the status by work group technology: TABLE 6 ECOMMERCE SUMMARY The average number of office actions before abandonment here was 3.13, as compared to 3.27 office actions to allowance and patenting, not a significant difference.  Here is a view of the distribution of the number of office actions to abandonment, allowance   Office Action Count This shows that almost 25% of abandonments occurred after the first office action, whereas most of the allowances occurred by the fourth.  Cumulatively (not shown here) the behavior was the same: 80% of abandonments and allowances occurred after the fourth office action.  Some applicants (or some examiners, depending on your perspective) fought to the bitter end, with 18 cases having ten or more actions before abandonment.   The average abandonment rate at 16.5% is about twice the abandonment rate for the rest of the Office.  The allowance rate at 1.9% is strikingly low.  These two statistics are disturbing when you  consider the  following. In this time period, the vast majority of applications have been amended in view of previous § 101 rejections and the Office’s own Interim Guidance, and arguments have been presented that the claims are not abstract ideas or fundamental business concepts, that they do not preempt all practical applications, that they offer improvements in some technology, and that they contain claim limitations reciting significantly more than the mere judicial exception. And yet more than 98% of the time, these arguments are rejected. In the July 2015 Update to the Interim Guidance, the USPTO states that when it comes to economic concepts, the “term ‘fundamental’ is used in the sense of being foundational or basic”. Is it truly likely that most, let alone all, of the 3,633 abandoned patent applications claim nothing more than foundational  or basic economic practices?  That the applicants in these cases did nothing more than implement some foundational economic practice on a computer, without doing anything more?  That the thousands of patent counsel prosecuting these cases couldn’t draft a single eligible claim?  From a business perspective, abandonments are more harmful to small companies with a small number of patent filings than to larger companies.  If you are a large company with hundreds of applications, abandoning 20% of them because of Section 101 rejections still leaves you with plenty of applications.  But if you are a small company, you tend to file on the core, crown jewel technology. If you have to abandon even one or two applications, the impact can be dramatic:  a loss of a competitive advantage, the withdrawal or delay in funding by investors, the loss of potential customers.   In this light consider the following: Table 7 Abandonments

This chart shows that over 1,000 companies have abandoned 100% of their applications in the last six months, accounting for 1119 applications, fully 30% of all abandoned applications.  Overall, companies with greater than 50% abandonment rates had 6 or fewer applications.  As the final total shows, these companies accounted for 43% of all abandonments in the last six months. 

Now, not all news is bad news.  As the charts show, there are 452 allowed applications that will issue within the next several months.  These applications are likely the best evidence of the kinds of amendments and arguments that are getting over 101 rejections. I’ve included a partial list of 244 of these applications at end of the posting.  The list is sorted by art unit and then by examiner, so you can easily find applications in an art unit of interest.  By identifying an examiner on one of your cases, you can review the kinds of amendments and arguments that the examiner has accepted and plan your strategy accordingly. Abandonments and rejections aside, there are E-commerce examiners who are allowing cases, and they deserve recognition and support.  Here is a list of the top examiners, those who have an allowance rate (allowed+patented / total cases) over the past six months of 15% or more, which puts them well ahead of the rest of the E-commerce group.   Table 8 Examiners    In future posts I’ll explore the biotechnology groups in a similar manner.


Partial Listing of Allowed Applications

Publication No. Serial No. Examiner Art Unit Assignee Title (See, Note below)
20120035990 13106051 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 TAPJOY Rewarding Application Installs
20150278524 14739519 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TRUST Secure Information Handling System Flash Memory Access
20040078334 10416095 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 ORCHESTRIA Information Management System
20090151008 12315113 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 INVENTION SCIENCE FUND I Media Markup System For Content Alteration In Derivative Works
20120005080 13168812 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 C SAM Transactional Services
20120274480 13547194 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621   Usage Metering Based Upon Hardware Aging
20110321127 13167645 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 C SAM Transactional Services
20120109672 13292836 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 C SAM Transactional Services
20130030910 13193464 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 III HOLDINGS Generating Using A Digital Pass
20120005087 13168858 COPPOLA, JACOB C 3621 C SAM Transactional Services
20080228733 12048072 REAGAN, JAMES A 3621 DIGIMARC Determining Content Treatment
20070265854 11306671 REAGAN, JAMES A 3621 IBM Digital Rights Management For Publishing Scanned Documents On The Internet
20100106649 12604019 REAGAN, JAMES A 3621 IMS HEALTH Authorizing Transactions Via Mobile Devices
20110313850 13152070 REAGAN, JAMES A 3621 ADSAFE MEDIA Reviewing Content Traffic
20080313938 12096708 BEKERMAN, MICHAEL 3622   Shopping Trolley With Display Or Advertising Surface
20120296782 13437416 MOSLEY, KYLE T 3622 PROJECT J System For Managing Product Inventory Counts
20130117096 13289857 MOSLEY, KYLE T 3622 AT&T Internet Protocol Multi-Media System Value Voucher Distribution With Network Storage Redemption
20140111323 14143132 SCHMUCKER, MICHAEL W 3622   Display Device Mountable On An Automotive Vehicle Method
20110131080 12627071 BROCKINGTON III, WILLIAM S 3623 IBM Performance-Aware Enterprise Components
20080077463 11516953 DELICH, STEPHANIE ZAGARELLA 3623 IBM Optimizing The Selection Verification Deployment Of Expert Resources In A Time Of Chaos
20130007744 13611570 GILLS, KURTIS 3623   Optimizing On DemAllocation Of Virtual Machines Using A Stateless Preallocation Pool
20110107330 12834690 GILLS, KURTIS 3623 AVAYA Generation Of Open Virtualization Framework Package For Solution Installations Upgrades
20110029970 12782743 GILLS, KURTIS 3623 IBM Optimizing On DemAllocation Of Virtual Machines Using A Stateless Preallocation Pool
20140122141 13666834 JARRETT, SCOTT L 3623 FLOUR TECHNOLOGIES Improving Cost Effectiveness Of Coking System
20130246124 13715792 KASSIM, HAFIZ A 3623 AMERICAN EXPRESS An Analysis Cycle To Determine Interest Merchants
20130317877 13900404 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 INFOSYS Information Technology Energy Wastage Management System
20120239453 13416275 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 IBM Resource Cost Optimization Program
20130186333 13797229 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIES Overlaying Electronic Marking Information On Facilities Map Information And/Or Other Image Information Displayed On A Marking Device
20100088164 12571356 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIES Analyzing Locate Marking Operations With Respect To Facilities Maps
20110202929 12832044 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 ORACLE Parallelizing Database Requests
20100305991 12475035 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 IBM Complexity Reduction Of User Tasks
20050149372 10885191 MANSFIELD, THOMAS L 3623 AT&T Planning Resources Based On Primary Alternate Location Relief Strategies
20130312003 13947629 MILLER, ALAN S 3623 SAMSUNG; USC Dynamically Parallelizing Application Program
20080306803 12133332 MILLER, ALAN S 3623 SCHLUMBERGER Performing Oilfield Production Operations
20130238376 13780202 SINGH, GURKANWALJIT 3623 TOSHIBA Job Supporting Apparatus Portable Terminal Job Supporting Method
20120136689 12956162 SINGH, GURKANWALJIT 3623 MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING Event Planning Within Social Networks
20140358627 14463594 STERRETT, JONATHAN G 3623 GREENLINE SYSTEMS Risk Detection Reporting Infrastructure
20140006073 13538902 BYRD, UCHE SOWANDE 3624 YAHOO Framework For Marketplace Analysis
20100088028 12441284 COUPE, ANITA YVONNE 3624 NEC Electronic Apparatus Power Supply Control Program For Position Measuring
20100166273 12160528 COUPE, ANITA YVONNE 3624   Representing Multichannel Image Data
20110228997 12725811 COUPE, ANITA YVONNE 3624 MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING Medical Image Rendering
20140019186 13545704 DIXON, THOMAS A 3624 SAP Capacity Planning Management
20140012614 13543617 DIXON, THOMAS A 3624 NASDAQ OMX GROUP Due Diligence System Method
20100318402 12833121 GOLDBERG, IVAN R 3624 CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIES Managing Locate And/Or Marking Operations
20110055835 12841288 GOLDBERG, IVAN R 3624 IBM Aiding Resolution Of A Transaction
20100088134 12572202 GOLDBERG, IVAN R 3624 CERTUSVIEW TECHNOLOGIES Analyzing Locate Marking Operations With Respect To Historical Information
20080313004 11761663 GOLDBERG, IVAN R 3624 IBM Providing A Bi-Directional Feedback Loop Between Project Management Personal Calendar System
20140297351 13853916 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 IBM Computing System Predictive Build
20130262165 13850820 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING Sending Recommendation Information Associated With A Business Object
20130166351 13543631 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 MU SIGMA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT Generating A Marketing-Mix Solution
20130204663 13762041 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 6 SENSE INSIGHTS Sales Prediction System Method
20140222488 13761639 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 IBM Quantifying The Quality Of Trend Lines
20070038490 11203324 KONERU, SUJAY 3624 IBM Analyzing Business Architecture
20110307141 12814859 ROTARU, OCTAVIAN 3624 ON BOARD COMMUNICATIONS Determining Equipment Utilization
20130022956 13189193 ROTARU, OCTAVIAN 3624 SYSMEX Analyzer Method For Performing A Measurement On A Sample
20080201708 11692309 ROTARU, OCTAVIAN 3624 NOVELL Virtualized Workflow Processing
20130074110 13669589 AIRAPETIAN, MILA 3625 LINKEDIN Parallel Fact Checking
20130051887 13486686 AIRAPETIAN, MILA 3625 ADVANTAGE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIONS Identifying Stacking Splitting Of Stenographic Keystrokes
20130198196 13763856 AIRAPETIAN, MILA 3625 LINKEDIN Selective Fact Checking Method System
20130268392 13442501 DESAI, RESHA 3625 SEARS BRANDS Presenting Product Recommendations
20120265585 13528592 DESAI, RESHA 3625 QUICKPAY Location Based System For Entry Exit
20130124354 13671327 GARG, YOGESH C 3625 EXBIBLIO Automatic Modification Of Web Pages
n/a 12776961 GARG, YOGESH C 3625    
20130254075 13747396 HAQ, NAEEM U 3625 SCIQUEST Taxonomy Data Structure For An Electronic Procurement System
20120191575 13358494 HAQ, NAEEM U 3625 CITRIX SYSTEMS Enabling Communication Of Identity Information During Online Transaction
20120310791 13150568 HAQ, NAEEM U 3625 AT&T Clothing Visualization
20050216304 11137076 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 W.W. GRAINGER Electronically Creating A Customized Catalog
20130144766 13817089 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 RAKUTEN Comment Submission Support System Comment Submission Support Device Comment Submission Support Device Control Method Program Information Storage Medium
20130173397 13339154 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 TARGET BRANDS Recently Viewed Items Display Area
20120265631 13303983 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 SHIFT4 Enabling Merchants To Share Tokens
20130198034 13709358 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 MUSIC CHOICE Cross Channel Delivery System Method
20110238533 12731025 MISIASZEK, MICHAEL 3625 INVISIBLEHAND SOFTWARE Data Processing
20150294338 14750081 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625   Network-Based Marketplace Service For Facilitating Purchases Of Bundled Services Products
20130179303 13346549 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 GOOGLE Enabling Real-Time Product Vendor Identification
20130254069 13896996 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 DO IT BEST Generating An Order For Purchase
20120173354 12982393 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 VERIZON Providing A Unified Messaging Modeling Infrastructure
20110016021 12821554 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 JWL IP HOLDINGS Scripted Content Delivery
20100153228 12549277 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 QUALCOMM Bundling Application Services With Inbuilt Connectivity Management
20090164897 11961599 PALAVECINO, KATHLEEN GAGE 3625 YAHOO Recommendation System Using Social Behavior Analysis Vocabulary Taxonomies
20130198035 13800774 ROSEN, NICHOLAS D 3625 BOOM PAYMENTS Confirming Local Marketplace Transaction Consummation For Online Payment Consummation
20120021774 13248991 ROSEN, NICHOLAS D 3625 GOOGLE Context-Influenced Application Recommendations
20130091071 13562012 ROSEN, NICHOLAS D 3625 GOOGLE Product Catalog Dynamically Tailored To User-Selected Media Content
20130185176 13352893 ROSEN, NICHOLAS D 3625 CELLCO PARTNERSHIP D B A VERIZON WIRELESS Cross Channel Real Time Awareness Framework
20150277681 14230864 SEIBERT, CHRISTOPHER B 3625 MONTICELLO ENTERPRISES Providing A Single Input Field Having Multiple Processing Possibilities
20130238468 13412994 WOLCOTT, ALEX E 3625 XEROX Managing Distribution Of Digital Rights Revenue For Integrated System
20090281724 12119316 BURGESS, JOSEPH D 3626 APPLE Map Service With Network-Based Query For Search
20100274483 12430492 CHNG, JOY P 3626 GOOGLE TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS Ergonomic User Interface For A Portable Navigation Device
20130054478 13199545 GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L 3626 ELWHA Reporting Ingestible Product Preparation System Method
20130159019 13768765 GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L 3626 DR SYSTEMS Providing Dynamic Customizable Medical Examination Forms
20130060579 13560934 GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L 3626 ONEMEDNET Devices For Managing Medical Images Records
20110123079 12625898 GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L 3626 PENRAD TECHNOLOGIES Mammography Information System
20110125526 12625926 GILLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER L 3626 PENRAD TECHNOLOGIES Multiple Modality Mammography Image Gallery Clipping System
20110085715 12578826 LULTSCHIK, WILLIAM G 3626 CARESTREAM HEALTH Method For Locating An Interproximal Tooth Region
20060241975 11473960 PAULS, JOHN A 3626 HEALTH HERO NETWORK Multi-User Remote Health Monitoring System With Biometrics Support
20140129259 14073812 RAPILLO, KRISTINE K 3626 2020 VISION CENTER Enabling Customers To Obtain Vision Eye Health Examinations
20130343630 14011947 REYES, REGINALD R 3626   Automatic Interpretation Of Computer Tomography Scan Data
20140003699 14011906 REYES, REGINALD R 3626   Automatic Interpretation Of Computer Tomography Scan Data
20090304242 12092528 REYES, REGINALD R 3626 HITACHI Image Analyzing System Method
20140095187 13710167 SOREY, ROBERT A 3626   Tracking Goods
20100042323 12440754 SOREY, ROBERT A 3626 TOYOTA Collision Prediction Device
20120284041 13460824 TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL 3626 JVM Integrated Drug Management Of Providing Prescription Drugs By Using The Same
20140201095 14155205 TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL 3626 CERNER INNOVATION Healthcare Assurance System
20130246088 13793848 TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL 3626 HILL ROM SERVICES Algorithm For Predicting Mitigating Adverse Events
20110251850 13085298 TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL 3626 PROVIDER MEDS On Site Prescription Management Health Care Facilities
20110231202 12728721 WINSTON III, EDWARD B 3626 AI CURE TECHNOLOGIES Collection Of Protocol Adherence Data
20100198496 12365151 WINSTON III, EDWARD B 3626 TELENAV Navigation System With Path Prediction Method Of Operation Thereof
20100164791 12347371 WINSTON III, EDWARD B 3626 AT&T Providing Mapping Data
20100217676 12392192 AMSDELL, DANA 3627   Automatically Adding Gratuity To Amount Charged In Electronic Transaction
20110112918 12915550 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL Risk Management In Payment-Enabled Mobile Device
20110218871 12893834 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 VISA INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION Portable Account Number For Consumer Payment Account
20100286872 12838529 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 TOYOTA Parking Assisting Apparatus
20110071711 12727976 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 PENNY & GILES CONTROLS Controller Control Method For A Motorised Vehicle
20080281520 12117925 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 TOPCON Positioning System Receiving Terminal Used Therein
20090043502 11837331 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 CISCO Navigating Using Multiple Modalities
20080059344 11516823 AMSDELL, DANA 3627 SAP Analyzing Stock Differences In A Supply Chain
20140067568 13601786 BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R 3627 WAL MART STORES Locating Organizing Digital Receipt Data For Use In In-Store Audits
20080265022 12140212 BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R 3627 TOSHIBA GLOBAL COMMERCE SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS Customer Checkout Accelerator
20100185391 12689231 BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R 3627 HTC Recording Medium For Selecting Location
20080243655 11778250 BUCHANAN, CHRISTOPHER R 3627 LUCENT Implementing Rating Timer Control In A Pre-Biller To Support Online Offline Charging
20140114825 13659754 CHAMPAGNE, LUNA 3627 MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL Routing E-Invoices
20120030073 12845420 CHAMPAGNE, LUNA 3627 IBM Creation Use Of Constraint Templates
20140258007 13785970 CHEIN, ALLEN C 3627 BANK OF AMERICA Mobile Device As Point Of Transaction For In-Store Purchases
20130080274 13636418 CHEIN, ALLEN C 3627 MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL Delivery Of Information Services To Personal Devices
20110137759 12962528 CHEIN, ALLEN C 3627 AETHON Providing Information Regarding A Status Of An Item
20150178677 14139172 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 EBAY Kiosk For Receiving Delivering Packages
20140052625 14048874 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 METABANK Transfer Account System Computer Program Products Associated Computer-Implemented Method
20140006196 14013819 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 PAYPAL Dynamic Funding
20130345941 13974159 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 EATON Shift Rail Transmission Position Sensing
20140372261 13920856 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL System And/Or Method For Determining Needs Ability Assessment
20140337150 13889242 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627   Automatic Receipt Logging Notifications For Transactions
20130132219 13680824 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 MOZIDO Using A Mobile Wallet Infrastructure To Support Multiple Mobile Wallet Providers
20150039481 13959490 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627 CALIX Service Utilization Browser Plug-In
20130117163 13668822 DANNEMAN, PAUL 3627   An Inventory Aggregator
20100036758 12248127 HAIDER, FAWAAD 3627 VISA Processing Fees For A Card
20110225073 13047302 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 SAMSUNG Apparatus Method For Performing Wireless Charging
20100235234 12788830 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 HOSHIKO Transacting With Network Traffic
20140365345 14362990 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 PANASONIC Information-Providing Method Information-Providing System
20140324652 14331078 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 AT&T Passive Rfid Postage Stamps Method Of Using The Same
20130132214 13684062 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 STARBUCKS Cooking Management
20130088615 13629198 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 BARBARO TECHNOLOGIES Conducting A Transaction In A Virtual Environment
20120173347 12981616 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 SAMSUNG Automatic Tracking Decoding Barcode By Means Of Portable Devices Having Digital Cameras
20070062851 10553292 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 RED PARCEL POST Distributing Packages Other Similar Dispatched Articles
20120030043 12846576 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 BANK OF AMERICA Wearable Financial Indicator
20040254883 10687534 OBAID, FATEH M 3627 APPLE Submitting Media For Network-Based Purchase Distribution
20100324771 12866555 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 TOYOTA Autonomous Moving Body Its Control Method Control System
20110153442 12802546 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627   Establishing Credit On A Cash Register Or Printer
20150278773 13554586 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 GOFIGURE PAYMENTS Mobile Payment System Method
20120047037 13214368 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 TOSHIBA Store System Sales Registration Method
20110060494 12860948 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 YAMAHA Saddle Riding Type Vehicle
20130073403 13234056 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 TELETECH HOLDINGS Activating Services Associated With A Product Via A Service Center Supporting A Variety Of Products
20100076879 12594238 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 ZTE Providing Services Via Peer-To-Peer-Based Next Generation Network
20090204514 12028918 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 IBM Media For Managing Shared Inventory In A Virtual Universe
20080040502 11456734 ORTIZ ROMAN, DENISSE Y 3627 WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY Automated Tracking Of Class Attendance
20110209210 13100387 RACIC, MILENA 3627 JPMORGAN CHASE BANK Single Sign-On Session Management Without Central Server
20110131117 12989752 RACIC, MILENA 3627 WINCOR NIXDORF INTERNATIONAL Administration System For Monitoring Of Disposal Processes For Money
20130030965 13191166 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 PAYPAL Location-Based Payer Charging System
20100312421 12773965 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 EUROCOPTER Assisting In Piloting A Hybrid Helicopter A Hybrid Helicopter Provided With Such A Device A Method Implemented By Said Device
20100250053 12680719 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 CONTINENTAL Tachograph Toll Onboard Unit Display Instrument System
20120214521 13463037 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 ENVISIONIT Verifying Message Delivery Integrity In A Wireless Mobile Message Broadcasting System
20120214405 13463033 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 ENVISIONIT Message Receipt Verification In A Wireless Mobile Message Broadcasting System
20100272347 12810777 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 LAM RESEARCH Dynamic Alignment Beam Calibration
20130166423 12365138 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 ADOBE Providing Content On Connected Devices
20080301009 11756160 ROJAS, HAJIME S 3627 AMAZON TECHNOLOGIES Providing Fulfillment Services
20130230205 13774992 SHEIKH, ASFAND M 3627 RICOH Expense Report System With Receipt Image Processing
20130080645 13683397 SHEIKH, ASFAND M 3627 INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES Providing Real-Time Communications Services
20130084830 13683355 SHEIKH, ASFAND M 3627 INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES Providing Real-Time Communication Services
20090094145 12282880 SHEIKH, ASFAND M 3627 NAVER Automatically Completed General Recommended Word Advertisement Recommended Word
20090319429 12183844 SHEIKH, ASFAND M 3627 BANK OF AMERICA Cash Positioning Reporting
20140006186 13562614 WILDER, ANDREW H 3627 BANK OF AMERICA Readable Indicia For Fuel Purchase
20130138518 13308180 WILDER, ANDREW H 3627 AT&T Wireless Transactions For Enhancing Customer Experience
20100293023 12464448 WILDER, ANDREW H 3627 INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES Framework For Developing Enterprise Service Architecture
20120221444 13035734 WILDER, ANDREW H 3627 RED HAT Message Queue Based Product Asset Management Auditing System
20090150266 12323134 WILDER, ANDREW H 3627 U.S. BANK Buyer Routing Arrangements Method For Disparate Network System
20150262188 14702722 YU, ARIEL J 3627   Customer Service Management System
20120150673 13324970 YU, ARIEL J 3627 MAGTEK Conducting Financial Transactions Using Non-Standard Magstripe Payment Cards
20110276442 12773550 YU, ARIEL J 3627 BRIDGEWATER SYSTEMS User-Centric Mobile Device-Based Data Communications Cost Monitoring Control
20120072256 13212961 YU, ARIEL J 3627   Vehicle Impound Auctioning Management System
20080294488 12125734 YU, ARIEL J 3627 HUSSMANN Supply Chain Management System
20090281851 12437418 YU, ARIEL J 3627 SALESFORCE.COM Determining On-Line Influence In Social Media
20100292913 12308478 YU, ARIEL J 3627 ROBERT BOSCH Map Data Method For Generating Maps Navigation Device
20130339071 13970410 ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE 3628 LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT Queuing Access To Network Resources
20110029147 12830019 ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE 3628 ALSTOM Multi-Interval Dispatch Method For Enabling Dispatchers In Power Grid Control Centers To Manage Changes
20100191549 12359228 ALLEN, AKIBA KANELLE 3628 MICROSOFT Icafe Pre-Ordering
20140205859 13694943 CAMPBELL, SHANNON S 3628   Electroless Silvering Ink
20150149382 14614875 CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH 3628 BROADRIDGE INVESTOR COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS Automated On-Demand Customizable Assembling High Throughput Printing Of Documents
20140089015 13624873 CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH 3628 PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER Providing Just-In-Time Loading Zone Parking
20120239588 13349557 CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH 3628 CUMMINS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Determining Freight/Load Distribution For Multiple Vehicles
20150154558 14614919 CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH 3628 BROADRIDGE INVESTOR COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS Automated On-Demand Customizable Assembling High Throughput Printing Of Documents
20110131286 12972610 CHEN, GEORGE YUNG CHIEH 3628 BOOKIT Booking Method System
20130046663 13211482 HARRINGTON, MICHAEL P 3628 ANALOG DEVICES Measuring Active/Reactive Powers
20140089021 14094669 JUNG, ALLEN J 3628 PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER; XEROX Providing Multi-Locational Curbside Valet Parking Services
20060004675 11154866 JUNG, ALLEN J 3628 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE OF AMERICA Offline Processing A Carrier Management System
20130144665 13746646 VETTER, DANIEL 3628 TICKETMASTER Computer Aided Event Venue Setup Modeling Interactive Maps
20130106569 13719583 ABRAHAMSON, AMANDA C. 3629 SENTRILOCK Vehicle Activity Module
20140279615 14202218 CASLER, TRACI 3629 LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT Centralized Device-Aware Ticket-Transfer System Method
20080154623 11951988 FLEISCHER, MARK A 3629 LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT Access Control Using A Networked Turnstile
20140162235 14025704 FLEISCHER, MARK A 3629 GOOGLE Determining Individuals For Online Groups
20110099118 12912644 FLEISCHER, MARK A 3629 AOL Electronic Distribution Of Job Listings
20110218924 12718569 FLEISCHER, MARK A 3629 ORACLE Distributed Order Orchestration System For Adjusting Long Running Order Management Fulfillment Processes With Delta Attributes
20120259793 13082710 LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J 3629 COMPUTER ASSOCIATES THINK Transaction Model With Structural Behavioral Description Of Complex Transactions
20110137667 12959876 LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J 3629 SIEMENS Sales Estimating Tool For Building Control System
20110004499 12496881 LINDSEY III, JOHNATHAN J 3629 IBM Traceability Management For Aligning Solution Artifacts With Business Goals In A Service Oriented Architecture Environment
20100223097 12396467 OFORI-AWUAH, MAAME 3629 GROUPON Providing Information To Contacts Without Being Given Contact Data
20080001704 11818321 OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P 3629   Childcare Tracking System Method
20130006883 13595831 OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P 3629 WORKSCAPE Performance Drive Compensation For Enterprise-Level Human Capital Management
20130046706 13497494 OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P 3629 EMPIRE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Analyzing Communications To Determine Business Entity Popularity
20100280964 12770336 OUELLETTE, JONATHAN P 3629   Issuance Conveyance Management Of Endorsements
20140136417 14157423 ALI, HATEM M 3691 GONOW TECHNOLOGIES Portable E-Wallet Universal Card
20130200999 13836864 ALI, HATEM M 3691 DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIES Portable E-Wallet Universal Card
20130024372 13630248 ALI, HATEM M 3691 DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIES Portable E-Wallet Universal Card
20120123937 13359352 ALI, HATEM M 3691 DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIES Portable E-Wallet Universal Card
20130134216 13717363 ALI, HATEM M 3691 DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGIES Portable E-Wallet Universal Card
20130232033 13870144 HAMILTON, LALITA M 3691 BROADCOM Billing Support In A Media Exchange Network
20150186852 14644917 HAMILTON, LALITA M 3691 BANK OF AMERICA Incident Management For Automated Teller Machines
20120179494 13354915 HAMILTON, LALITA M 3691 HSBC TECHNOLOGIES Account Opening Flow Configuration Computer System Process For Implementing Same
20140222652 14254030 KAZIMI, HANI M 3691 EPIT User Interface For An Electronic Trading System
20110320339 13229676 KAZIMI, HANI M 3691 TRADING TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL Interface For Historical Display Of Market Information
20130132137 13746044 KAZIMI, HANI M 3691 IBM Online Registration Block Tracking For Travel Wholesalers Agencies Hotels
20120310807 13316952 POINVIL, FRANTZY 3691 HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE Graphically Enabled Retirement Planning
20120330826 13599285 POINVIL, FRANTZY 3691   Virtual Accounts Linked To Financial Accounts
20150220923 14171189 POINVIL, FRANTZY 3691 FMR Real-Time Spend Management With Savings Goals
20120173421 13496413 POINVIL, FRANTZY 3691 NTT Electronic Settlement Server Program Thereof
20150112730 14057419 BAIRD, EDWARD J 3692 STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Assessing Risk Using Vehicle Environment Information
20130054320 13561244 JOHNSON, GREGORY L 3692   Fast Mobile Payment
20100088228 12572321 LIU, I JUNG 3692 IBM Dual Layer Authentication For Electronic Payment Request In Online Transactions
20110179042 13079690 WONG, ERIC TAK WAI 3692   Object Modeling For Exploring Large Data Sets
20110251955 13133369 AMELUNXEN, BARBARA J 3693 NXP Enhanced Smart Card Usage
20130159157 13328961 BORLINGHAUS, JASON M 3693 PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER Energy-Disutility Modeling For Agile Demand Response
20140257874 14203356 MAGUIRE, LINDSAY M 3693 STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Determining Monitoring Auto Insurance Incentives
20140304156 13856217 ANDERSON, MIKE W. 3694 GELLER NAKIA Gold Precious Metal Buying Machine Method
20140180939 13909482 APPLE, KIRSTEN SACHWITZ 3694 APPLICATIONS IN INTERNET TIME Integrated Change Management Unit
20090198522 12002376 ZIEGLE, STEPHANIE M 3694 HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE Equity/Interest Rate Hybrid Hedging System Method
20090319355 12141720 OYEBISI, OJO O 3695 MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING Presenting Advertisements Based On Web-Page Interaction
20140244494 13792764 PRINSLOW, GARRISON T 3695 DIGIMARC Smartphone Payments
20100161343 12342908 ROBINSON, KITO R 3695 NCR Obtaining Diagnostic Data From A Device At A Remote Location
20140074720 13609197 TIBLJAS, SHACOLE C 3695 KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & MINERALS Virtual Account Token-Based Digital Cash Protocols
20140164233 14100876 CHANG, EDWARD 3696   Data Extraction Method
20130332354 13915173 CHANG, EDWARD 3696 SAMSUNG Mobile Device and Control Method Thereof
20150227927 14175786 KING JR., JOSEPH W 3696 BANK OF AMERICA Revocation Of Application Access Based On Non-Co-Located
20150161582 14623418 NGUYEN, LIZ P 3696 QUISK Self-Authenticating Peer To Peer Transaction
20130238368 13864687 NIQUETTE, ROBERT R 3696 PROGRESSIVE CASUALTY INSURANCE Customizable Insurance System
20140279447 14272367 PATEL, JAGDISH 3696 SQUARE Transferring Money Using Email
20140040124 13945533 PATEL, JAGDISH 3696 SONY Physical-Quantity Receiving Device Physical-Quantity Supplying Device Physical-Quantity Receiving Method Physical-Quantity Supplying Method Storage Medium Having Physical-Quantity Receiving Program Storage Medium Having Physical-Quantity Supplying Program

Note: Many of the titles have been shortened by removing the stock “Methods, Systems, etc.” from the beginning; any typographical errors are my own.