The Palo Alto Area Bar Association (PAABA) and the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw) are teaming up to provide a luncheon panel discussion on the practical implications of the Alice v. CLS Bank decision. In her dissent to the Federal Circuit Alice decision, Judge Moore predicted that the majority view would result in “the death of hundreds of thousands of patents.” Since the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that decision in June, it is now becoming clear that both courts and the US Patent and Trademark Office are treating the Alice decision as having changed the law on what types of inventions are eligible for patent protection.

The panel will explain this perceived change and offer practical suggestions for steering clients through these shifting seas, including:

  • How Alice has impacted patent applications at the USPTO, Covered Business Method post-grant proceedings at the PTAB, and invalidity arguments in district court
  • What the USPTO, district courts, and the Federal Circuit have done with the vague tests articulated by Alice regarding “abstract ideas” and “inventive concept”
  • What kinds of applications and patents are most vulnerable
  • What patent owners and applicants who are at risk can do to shore up their IP protection

November 11, 2014
12 – 1:30 pm PST 
Fenwick & West LLP, Mountain View

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Hosted by PAABA, ITechLaw and Fenwick & West LLP. CLE credit available.

Fenwick & West has launched an interactive PTAB Database that details proceedings filed with the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board – providing quick and easy access to information about PTAB decisions.

With the creation of PTAB by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, core aspects of resolving validity disputes are now governed by newly designed post-grant opposition proceedings. Fenwick’s database offers a searchable tool to follow the latest developments in the post-grant space and to examine key takeaways from recent PTAB decisions.

PTAB Database Proceedings
The PTAB database is designed to help users draw insights into post-grant proceedings trends as they begin to emerge. Currently, the bulk of cases deal with prior art issues, but in both Covered Business Method (CBM) proceedings and in Post-Grant Review proceedings issues of patent eligibility under Section 101 arise. Information about new cases will be added to the database regularly.

The dots on the graph represent recent PTAB decisions. The dots are sorted chronologically by decision date and color coded by issue category. Users choose categories by checking the corresponding box and scrolling over each dot to view details about that proceeding, including the decision date, case name and key takeaways.

PTAB Database Categories
To access the PTAB database, click here: PTAB Database